For journalists to do their jobs Family man?Gov.Rick scott, whose administration has continually drawn the ire of journalists for its culture of secrecy and unwillingness to process public records, said it's"Inappropriate"For reporters to report. During a 60minute questionandanswer session at the capital monday morning, some 25 journos had an opportunity to chat with the typically elusive scott. At the time, the tea party darling said it was"Inappropriate"For new times to contact Louis Vuitton Men a blacksheep sibling whose personal struggles raise questions about scott's policymaking motivations. That sibling, 54yearold click here to see more info about Louis Vuitton roger scott, lives in dallas. He has bipolar disorder, receives government benefits, and may have a history of criminal activity and drug abuse. Gov.Scott, his big brother, signed into law may 31 a bill that requires welfare recipients to get drug tested. Scott repeatedly refused to tell new times whether his brother's struggles have affected his policymaking. Scott also would not say directly whether he would drugtest his own brother. Instead of answering these questions, his office released a noncommittal statement: "The governor believes that everyone who applies for welfare benefits should be drug tested. great deals " HiS time will Soon come to an end with thiS term, then he will be hiStory after inflicting SeriouS harm to the peope of thiS State.I will Say thiS gov.Apparently deSpiSeS the people of florida(Forwhatever reaSon(S).He fooled many of the people who voted for himwhile disquising himself as the wolf in sheeps clothing.The man is mentally deficient, lacks self confidence and in my opinion, hatesthe people of the great state of florida.No doubt, he has pulled a great flim flam on the people for which the price of what he is doing willeventually come back to haunt him.



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