Get the mulberry lip that emma stone and kate bosworth are wearing The first look is dark lips, which have been spotted on many celebrities in recent weeks.Deep plum, burgundy, or mulberry lips are making a huge statement.Paired with minimal face makeup and strong brows, this lip look draws attention to your pretty pucker. Vanessa suggests trying gucci's take on the mulberry lip this season, and it only requires two products.You will need as much pigment as possible to make this look last, so start with a lip liner like rimmel's lasting finish 1000 kisses lip liner in coffee bean.After lining your lips, fill in the shape with rimmel london kate moss lasting finish lipstick in 01 or 11 for Louis Vuitton Bags Sale a bright or muted red shade. I am personally a huge fan of the kate moss lipsticks and have about 6 of the shades that i rotate in my daily repertoire.They're super smooth to apply and the colour lasts without drying out.The formula is perfect for an easy look, so be sure to check these out if you're trying the dark lip trend this fall. Actresses kate bosworth and camilla belle wear the deephued lip trend.Try replicating Louis Vuitton Handbags it with: Rimmel's lasting finish 1000 kisses lip liner in coffee bean Rimmel london kate moss lasting finish lipstick Bb creamsbb creams the bb is short for"Blemish balm","Beauty balm",or "Beblesh balm"Are already a huge hit across the pacific where celebrities and everyday women swear by them. Now,slowly but surely they're making their way to Canada MAC,Clinique and Garnier have launched brands in the UK and USA so expect to see them here soon. Developed in the 1960s by a German dermatologist,BB creams are a timesaving allinone product that moisturize,protect,soothe and nourish your skin while providing a sheer finish and covering up your blemishes and fine lines. 'Wet' HairWet hair is a look most of us try to avoid, but not any more.The"fresh fromTheshower, didn't have time for a blowdry"Look is dominating runway models at shows like alberta ferretti and elie saab, says harper's bazaar.Thelook can be both innocently wavy or intensely glamorous when slicked back into a sleek style.Best of all?This look is super easy to do.Just add some oil to your roots moroccan oil is a popular choice and you're done! Big eyebrows once upon a time, a girl could spend hours creating perfectly groomed, pencilthin eyebrows.Those days are gone with the newfound popularity of bushy, naturallooking eyebrows.In fact, the more dishevelled the better some runway models even brush their eyebrows up to make them look as bold as possible. Fancy nails.Really fancy nailssay goodbye to simple and boring neutral nail polish these days, it's all about making a statement with your nails.Artistic statement nails like the ones shown off in glamour are not just hard to put on, they can be a maintenance nightmare, but the numerous women who love them will all tell you it's all worth it.For an even more dramatic look, try a textured nail. The mInimalist look if some of these highmaIntenance beauty trends sound like a nightmare, don't fret goIng low maIntenance is also very"In. "Minimalist makeup was a big hit at toronto fashion week this year, with the"Less is more"Mentality dominating the runway.In fact, models at carolina herrera and missoni shows weren't even wearing mascara.Mascara free!You'd be hardpressed to find a mascarafree woman at the grocery store, let alone on a runway. Ponytailsthey were your goto hairstyle when you were 10, and they're back!Sleek and sophisticated pony tails are becoming the favourite updo of designers like louis vuitton and burberry.Glam up your regular ponytail by adding an elegant bow or headband and voila!You've found an easyyetstylish look that's suitable for a day at the office or a night on the town. Cat eyesdramatic eyelIner may be less than simple to put on, but get used to it the sleek and sexy cateye look is"In"In a big way.You can blame this trend on the gorgeous retroglam lids of adele and betty draper, but don't hold that grudge for too long once you've tried this look, you'll have a hard time going back.It's just so elegant and classic! Tangerinewe're not talking the fruit here tangerine Louis Vuitton Belts is a colour that's adding some flair runways across the the world.This bright hue is taking over shoes, glasses, coats, makeup and even nail polish as it starts to dominate wardrobes everywhere.Stylist named it the"Colour of the week"In early december, and why not?Tangerine and sibling colours like corral, mandarin and redorange have the ability to make anyone feel happier, sexier and more confident. Online tutorialslet's face it, many of us don't have the time or money to use hair dressers, makeup artists and stylists on even an occasional basis.But we don't need to sites like pinterest are teeming with easy online hair and makeup tutorials from experts like lisa Louis Vuitton Bags eldridge and even celebs like lauren conrad.You can find out how to create those perfect soft waves or smokey eyes in a matter of minutes, and you can easily find outfit tips and ideas to suit any occasion. Au naturel the whole world is going Green and while the big cosmetic brands are working to follow suit, they're now competing with smaller"Green"Brands who've already nailed down the art of making beauty products from natural ingredients from the earth.Labels like origins.Tom's of maine and love + toast are selling quickly, and more are appearing on the market every day, and there's been a recent surge in the 'luxury' green brand that offers premiumquality product made naturally.On the flipside, people are more willing than ever to create their own diy beauty products bath salts, hair treatments and face masks are being concocted out of stuff you'd find in your kitchen.



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