Expectant mom finds perfect reason to open shop on the murfreesboro post When christy sanford was seven months pregnant with her first child, she was asked to wear a purple bridesmaid's dress in one of her best friend's weddings. She looked everywhere between nashville and atlanta and couldn't find a suitable dress.Instead, sanford opted for a purple suit that she only wore once. Sanford's store specializes in trendy, wearable clothing that mothers can wear to the office or to a cocktail party.You 'n me also carries a limited amount of baby clothing, toys and toiletries. "I wanted to offer clothes that were trendy and still Flower Girl Dresses affordable for moms today,"She said. Prior to opening the store, sanford was a stayathome mother to her four children:Sydney, 9;Alexander, 6;Sophie, 4;And chesley, 2.Before having children, she worked in the wireless phone industry for verizon wireless as a quality assurance monitor and then helped open new retail stores for sprint pcs. Besides motherhood maternity, which recently opened in the avenue murfreesboro on medical center parkway, you 'n me is the only maternity store in town. "I think there is a huge gap in rutherford county with the growing population,"Sanford said. "The maternity industry has been left behind in recent years. "I am looking to fill that void that has been there,"She said. Sanford wanted to give expectant mothers another option that would save them time and money.Many local women have to resort to driving to nashville, ordering from a webbased store or picking something from a limited selection available in major area retailers. Expectant firsttime mother stacy clark resorted to driving to stores in nashville and ordering clothing off the internet to find professional clothing to wear to her job as marketing specialist at middle tennessee medical center during much of her pregnancy Friends were kind enough to pass along maternity casual wear. "Ordering online is definitely a shot in the dark,"Clark, of murfreesboro, said. Every woman carries her baby differently, so sometimes it is difficult to find clothing that will fit properly, she said.Ordering clothing online was hit or miss. Clark's baby is due jan.31. Much of you 'n me is filled with clothing and products sanford discovered and loved during her pregnancies.She also made the effort to carry designer clothing lines frequently featured in such top pregnancy magazines as fit pregnancy and pregnancy today. Some of the clothing lines include majamas, an organic clothing line;Bravada maternity/nursing bras;Ripe maternity wear based out of australia;And glam south beach. The first thursday of every month you 'n me will give grandparents 15 percent off purchases made in the store.Mothers are welcome to set up a registry. Sanford began working on opening her business in september 2007.Everything went so smoothly from the build out of the storefront to the ordering of inventory that she was ready to open Flower Girl Dresses this page prior to thanksgiving. She said the location near the corner of north thompson lane and medical center parkway is ideal. "Most pregnant women want to be Where Do You Get Bridesmaid Dresses close to food, the interstate and other retail,"She said. Jenna jurgens, a friend who suffered through four bouts with cancer before dying last summer, inspired sanford to follow her dreams. She always Wedding Dresseswww.8eze.com asked sanford,"What are you waiting for? "Sanford said. "She kind of inspired me to go ahead and do it and not wait,"She said. Sanford hopes to be a source of encouragement and information for expectant mothers.Besides advice on clothes and other supplies, she can provide networking information to new mom groups and on midwife and doula services.





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